Friday, 14 February 2014

OUTMODE Asset Production: Basic Crate

As an initial start to the Project I decided to tackle the crates for the project. I produced a modular series of panels and then baked down the information to reduce the poly-count of the assets. I produced a high ploy mesh of a panel and replicated this to create the sides of the Crates.

 Panel section 812 Tris

                                                               Grouped Panels 4860 tris

  From this High poly Mesh I developed a texture map and applied this to the model. I used the NDo2 Software and Photoshop to develop the Specular and Normal maps ready for the lower poly model.

Diffuse Map 512x512 pixles

Specular Map 512x512

Normal Map 512x512

The High Poly texture version will all maps applied. Due to the nature of the asset I can use the maps produced and apply these to a lower poly model to help save the amount of data used by each asset, and help speed up the game.

I reduced the poly count from 4860 tris down to 6. Though the details and shadows from the surface has been lost from a distance the crate still retains enough detail and this can be uses as a level of detail model and be used within the engine to swap between meshes when at different distances from the mesh once again helping maintain memory for the game.

Low Poly Model 6 Tris

The director of the game was inspired by a hexagonal design and ask to retain some sort of motif during the assets where possible.


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