Sunday, 2 March 2014

Futuristic-Bi Plane

For my final project I decided that wanted to produce a Bi-Plane but with a twist. I wanted to create a futuristic bi-plane but not in the style of super sci-fi designs of today but to keep elements of the classical design and add some detail that make it seem more futuristic. I played about with designs and concepts before settling on a design that felt better.

I took inspiration from a variety of sources of existing planes and some concepts from deviant art that I found useful. I liked the more chunky design of the bi-lanes below and there is something quite elegant about the design and I feel that if I were to incorporate this into a slightly more sci-fi theme.

The concept below is what triggered me to try and keep some classical elements to my design as I find that in today's market there is way too many over the top sci-fi designs. I loved this image and though its sci-fi in nature I loved the classical elements that remained and how these elements add some sort of credibility to the design.

The following images show how that within the sci-fi theme, design are becoming more heavily armoured and hard surfaced in nature, they look lovely but there a hundreds of similar designs out there where the form overtakes function as these designs are not the most aerodynamic, but straight away we can assume they are some sort of fighter class ship.

I want my Bi-Plane to be a fighter class vessel, I wanted it to look quick and agile and after looking into some classes from the StarWars franchise I started to concept silhouettes to try and get some sort of shapes as a starting point.

Some quick silhouettes for generating ideas

After producing these silhouettes I produced further sketches and turnaround ideas and because I found drawing the planes wings and fuselage in perspective I decided to mock up models to try and help see the shape, form, and sizing elements, below are the initial concepts mocked up.
 I tried playing with the idea of adding a massive jet engine i the front at give the wings a sort of "X" wing sort of shape and played about with the potion of the wings on  the fuselage.

After producing these mock models I decided that I had't quite captured the Bi-Plane element of the design, so I went back and started concepting and silhouetting ideas that were more reminiscent of a classical Bi-plane. 
 I came up with this silhouette and felt it had some potential for further development and so I decided to mock up the design from there on. I photo manipulated elements from existing aircraft and decided to play about with proportions. 

I was happier with this design and felt it was more towards what I was originally wanted to achieve.

I produced a quick model once again to help with proportion and testing ideas.

The new design felt more credible and looked more like a Bi-plane

The design flowed better and looked more like a Bi-plane. I was happier with this result and this is the design I will take forward for my final piece. I researched into colour schemes and and looked specifically at racing cars and how the colours were banded to create a sleek racing finish. I want my plane to look quick and agile and also have inspiration from the red baron plane with a distinct red colour theme.
 I played about with hues and tones of other colour but I felt that Red was the best choice.

I want to create a look of a worn plane not a pristine new model. I want it to look as though it has been through the mill and though the colour tests are bright, the final model will be a bit battered and dowdy.

Some colour banding Tests: 

I tried to keep the banding very simple and the designs that worked the best were the ones that flowed along with the shape of the chassis. The final image in particular I think is sort of the idea where I am aiming to take further. I want the plane to have this distinct colour pallets but it will be worn, damaged and rusted in certain areas.

This is not the final designs for my work as there is a lot more details to be worked upon, rivets and panel to be added, and final tweaks to the proportions. So far the design is coming along and after completing my OUTMODE project the plane will be my next focus.

The design has evolved from the start and here's some early concepts showing how the design has changed up until now.

A lot more left to do but as a starting point i'm happier with the final design. I need to change certain elements and add wheels and look at the guns in more detail. My idea for the final render it to make this into a turntable scene as though it was in an abandoned hanger with some accessories around it and empty cartridges scattered around.  

Will keep updated when I finally move onto completing the project.

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